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Burford Benefice

Cotswolds Benefice.

Full redesign to bring the website up to date to serve the ministry of the Benefice.


Burford Benefice

Burford had a dated and static website. The launch of the Warwick Hall and an ever growing ministry needed an up to date and vibrant website focused on people and the Gospel while nodding to the rich heritage of the building and Cotswolds themselves.

Icons for JPB website (1).png

Landing page

Burford needed a landing page that was simple and drew the eye to people rather than the building.

Squarespace offers a fully mobile and tablet responsive site - meaning no awkward photo cropping or missing parts of the page!

As part of the redesign I commissioned brand new imagery to be taken across multiple services, capturing the breadth of the community.

informative pages

Bespoke home page icons were vital in drawing the user to the key information.

What does this church believe? When do they meet? I work on ensuring each website answers the common questions that users have when visiting a site.

Squarespace is very simple CMS meaning that keeping the service times and dates current is an easy task - there is nothing worse than an out of date website.

Icons for JPB website (2).png
Icons for JPB website (3).png

key information

For the parent or guardian on the go it was important to have key information easily available on mobile devices.

A simple menu burger in the top right gives an uncluttered view of each page.